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  Sunday's Emmy Awards will honor the best achievements in television over the past year -- and as we all know, it's increasingly difficult to stay caught up on all the shows that make a big splash heading into awards season. So we've put together this guide to 10 episodes of TV, that will make you an expert on the nominees ahead of the big event. So get watching! 星期天艾美奖将为在过去一年里播出的电视剧颁发最佳成就奖项。我们都知道,要跟上那些轰动颁奖季的电视剧的进度越来越难,所以我们整理了这份10集电视剧的参考指南,这会使你在艾美奖颁奖典礼之前对这些被提名的电视剧了如指掌。快去看看吧! Westworld 《西部世界》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Anthony Hopkins); Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Evan Rachel Wood); Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Jeffrey Wright); Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Thandie Newton) Episode to Watch: "The Bicameral Mind" 观看剧集:“二分心智” It's difficult to pick just one episode that illustrates why Westworld earned 22 Emmy nominations, but if we have to choose one, look no further than the Season 1 finale "The Bicameral Mind." In addition to being one of the episodes producers submitted to be considered for a drama series nod, it was also submitted in the directing and lead actress categories. In particular, the episode is a showcase for Wood's performance as Dolores, one of the "hosts" of the mysterious fantasyland. 只挑选一集来说明为什么《西部世界》能获得22项艾美奖提名真的很难,但是如果我们非得选一集的话,那第一季最后一集“二分心智”则是不二之选。除了这是制片人提交参选最佳剧集奖评选的其中一集之外,它还被呈送参与最佳导演和最佳女主角等奖项的评选。特别是,这一集充分展示了饰演多萝西的伍德的演技,而多萝西就是这座神秘的幻想世界的“接待员(主角)”之一。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 Feud: Bette and Joan 《宿敌:贝蒂和琼》 Major Nominations: Limited Series; Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon); Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Judy Davis, Jackie Hoffman); Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci) Episode to Watch: "And the Winner Is..." 观看剧集:“获胜者是……” Travel back to the 1963 Oscars in the fifth episode of Ryan Murphy's exploration of the feud between Joan Crawford (Lange) and Bette Davis (Sarandon), which also received individual nods in the limited series writing and directing categories. The tension between the dramatized versions of Crawford and Davis is deliciously palpable as Joan schemes to steal the spotlight from Bette on Oscars night, despite not receiving a nomination. Fortunately there isn't as much animosity between Sarandon and Lange as they prepare to face off in the limited series lead actress race on Sunday. 在这部剧的第五集中,导演瑞安·墨菲把大家带回到1963年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼,为大家讲述了琼·克劳馥(朗格)以及贝蒂·戴维斯(萨兰登)的宿怨,而这部剧也获得了限定剧最佳编剧和最佳导演的提名。在这一集中,克劳馥和戴维斯之间戏剧化的矛盾显而易见,尽管琼并没有获得提名,但她设计在奥斯卡颁奖典礼上抢了贝蒂的风头。虽然朗格和萨兰登准备在星期天争夺限定剧的最佳女主角,不过幸好她们之间并没有太多敌意。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 Big Little Lies 《大小谎言》 Major Nominations: Limited Series; Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon); Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie (Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley); Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (Alexander Skarsgard) Episode to Watch: "Living the Dream" 观看剧集:“活在梦中” With five acting nominations under its belt, not to matter nods for writing, directing and series, Big Little Lies is also difficult to narrow down to just one episode. But "Living the Dream," the third installment in the adaptation of Liane Moriarty's novel, coalesces the dynamic among the four women at the heart of the show. In particular, Dern's desperate, Renata and Witherspoon's maddeningly chirpy, and Madeline shine in this episode, which also sets up the show's central mystery and gives us a horrifying glimpse into the marriage of Celeste (Kidman) and Perry (Skarsgard) as they attend couples counseling. 这部剧获得了五项表演类提名,即使没有获得最佳编剧、导演和电视剧的提名也无所谓了,不过《大小谎言》也很难用一集就讲明白这部剧。但是,在这部根据莉安·莫里亚蒂的小说改编的电视剧的第三集中,也就是“活在梦中”这一集,它把这部剧的四名女主演的动态结合在了一起。特别是,这一集体现了邓恩的绝望、勒娜塔和威瑟斯彭让人受不了的活泼以及玛德琳的出众,还给出了这部剧的重要谜题,并在塞莱斯特(基德曼)和佩里(斯卡斯加德)进行婚姻咨询的时候,让我们了解到他们可怕的婚姻。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 This Is Us 《我们这一天》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia); Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Ron Cephas Jones); Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Chrissy Metz) Episode to Watch: "Memphis" 观看剧集:“孟菲斯” Though most of this year's major Emmy nominees require some sort of subscription service, there's no excuse if you've yet to watch This Is Us. NBC's breakout drama hit -- the only broadcast show to earn a drama series nod this year -- was a standout among last season's crop of freshman shows and received 11 nominations total. "Memphis" is pretty universally acknowledged as Season 1's best episode, especially for the chemistry between fictional father-son duo Randall (Brown) and William (Jones). Make sure you have your tissues handy. You'll have to choose a different episode (we'd suggest the pilot) to check out Metz and Ventimiglia's acting chops, but while 应聘网络主godi"Memphis" features a limited perspective, it proves why This Is Us has struck a chord with so many. 虽然今年艾美奖提名的多数电视剧都需要一些订阅服务(也就是付费观看),但这不是你没看过《我们这一天》这部剧的借口。美国全国广播公司(NBC)的大热剧,今年该公司唯一一部获得最佳剧集奖提名的电视剧,从上一季大批新剧中脱颖而出,共获得了11项提名。人们普遍认为“孟菲斯”是第一季中最棒的一集,特别是兰德尔(布朗)和威廉(琼斯)父子之间戏剧般的化学反应。观看之前一定要备好纸巾。要检验一下梅茨和文蒂米利亚的演技,你得再选一集(我们推荐试播集)。虽然“孟菲斯”这一集的视角有限,但它说明了为什么《我们这一天》会引起那么多人的共鸣。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 The Handmaid's Tale 《使女的故事》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Elisabeth Moss); Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Ann Dowd, Samira Wiley) Episode to Watch: "Night" 观看剧集:“夜” If there's anything that can be considered a "shoo-in" at Sunday's Emmy Awards, it is Elisabeth Moss' well-deserved win in the drama lead actress category for her tour de force performance in the Handmaid's Tale. Spoiler-phobes may not want to jump straight to the Season 1 finale, but not only does it highlight the full range of Moss' excellent performance, it's the episode supporting actress nominee Samira Wiley submitted for consideration as well. 如果说有哪项提名可被视为在星期天的艾美奖颁奖典礼上“稳操胜券”的话,那就是伊丽莎白·莫斯的最佳女主角提名了。她因在《使女的故事》中的绝佳表演而获得提名,可以说是当之无愧的最佳女主角。讨厌剧透的人可能不愿意直接跳到第一季的最后一集,但是这一集不仅突出了莫斯全方位的精彩表演,而且也是被提名为最佳女配角的萨米拉·威利提交参与评选的一集。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 The Night Of 《罪夜之奔》 Major Nominations: Limited Series; Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (Riz Ahmed, John Turturro); Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (Bill Camp, Michael K. Williams) Episode to Watch: "The Art of War" 观看剧集:“战争的艺术” "The Art of War", the fourth episode of the limited series, ramps up the “friendship” between Naz (Ahmed) and his prison buddy/mentor Freddy (Williams). The Night Of originally aired way back at the beginning of the year, so even for viewers who are looking to get a refresher before the Emmys, this is agreat episode to revisit. “战争的艺术”,这部限定剧的第四集,让纳兹(阿迈德)和他的狱友兼导师弗雷迪(威廉姆斯)之间的“友谊”升温。《罪夜之奔》这部剧在老早之前,也就是今年年初就开播了,所以就是那些想要在艾美奖颁奖典礼之前重温一遍的观众,这一集也是您进行回顾的最佳剧集。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 Veep 《副总统》 Major Nominations: Comedy Series; Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Julia Louis-Dreyfus); Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Anna Chlumsky); Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Tony Hale, Matt Walsh) Episode to Watch: "Groundbreaking" 观看剧集:“奠基仪式” Will the Emmys' love for Veep continue this year? The long-running series is seeking a three-peat in the outstanding comedy category after winning the past two years, and Louis-Dreyfus may take home her sixth trophy for her portrayal of Selina Meyer, a politician whose incompetence makes her endearing. "Groundbreaking" was the Season 6 finale chronicles Selina's political career through the years in flashbacks, as she and her present-day team prepare for the groundbreaking of what will be her library. And it provides the perfect launching pad for what will be the show's seventh and final season. 艾美奖今年还会继续宠爱《副总统》吗?在过去的两年中连续两次赢得艾美奖之后,这部长篇电视剧正试图获得喜剧类最佳剧集奖的三连冠,而路易斯·德利法斯可能会因为她所饰演的瑟琳娜·梅耶这个角色而收获她的第六座奖杯。瑟琳娜·梅耶是一位政客,而她的无能却使她讨人喜欢。“奠基仪式”这一集是这部剧第六季的最后一集,回顾了赛琳娜这几年的政治生涯,同时她和她现在的团队准备为她的图书馆启动奠基仪式。而且这一集也为这部剧的第七季,也就是最后一季,准备了一个完美的启动平台。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 House of Cards 《纸牌屋》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Kevin Spacey); Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Robin Wright); Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Michael Kelly) Episode to Watch: "Chapter 65" 观看剧集:“第65章” House of Cards is a long shot to take home any prizes in the acting categories this year. But the Season 5 finale takes Frank and Claire Underwood's (Spacey and Wright) Machiavellian quest for absolute power to new heights -- and proves why Kelly, who was upped from a guest actor to supporting actor this year -- completely deserved his nod. 《纸牌屋》是获得今年表演类所有奖项提名的一部长篇剧集。不过在第五季最后一集中,弗兰克·安德伍德和克莱尔·安德伍德(斯佩西和莱特)通过不择手段的方式使他们的绝对权力达到了新的高度,而这一集也说明了为什么凯利会从一位客串演员被提名为今年的最佳男配角,也证明了他获得提名是名副其实的。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 Stranger Things 《怪奇物语》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (David Harbour); Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Millie Bobby Brown) Episode to Watch: "The Bathtub" 观看剧集:“浴缸” Arguably the most buzzed-about show of 2017, Netflix's Stranger Things is the runaway favorite to take home the drama series award, especially after it took home the casting award at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend. Brown could also become the youngest Emmy winner ever as a long-shot contender for drama supporting actress. See what all the fuss over the teen star and the show itself is about with "The Bathtub," the penultimate Season 1 episode in which Brown's Eleven ventures into the "Upside江宏杰“爸爸视 Down" to look for the missing boy Will. In addition to Brown's understated performance, the episode is representative of all the elements of the show that captured viewers' hearts and minds: supernatural creepiness, '80s nostalgia, kids working together to catch some bad guys, and of course, a killer soundtrack. 奈飞公司推出的《怪奇物语》可以说是2017年最受关注的一部剧,也是轻而易举就能获得最佳剧集奖的一部剧了。特别是,在上周末举办的创意艾美奖颁奖典礼上,这部剧还获得了最佳演员阵容奖。作为连续剧最佳女配角的争夺者,布朗也许还会成为有史以来最年轻的艾美奖获得者。要了解这位童星在剧中所烦恼的一切以及这部剧,那就要去看看“浴缸”这一集。在第一季的倒数第二集中,布朗所饰演的十一冒险进入了“逆世界”,去寻找失踪的男孩威尔。除了布朗朴素的表演,这一集还包含了这部剧能够俘获人心的所有要素:令人毛骨悚然的超自然力量、关于80年代的怀旧之情、孩子们合作抓坏人,当然,还有精彩的配乐。 2017艾美奖:推荐最好看的10部美剧 The Crown 《王冠》 Major Nominations: Drama Series; Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Claire Foy); Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (John Lithgow) Episode to Watch: "Assassins" 观看剧集:“刺客” "Assassins", the ninth episode of Season 1, features Winston Churchill (Lithgow) announcing his resignation and having his portrait painted for his 80th birthday, as well as Queen Elizabeth (Foy) growing increasingly distant from her husband Philip. In particular, Lithgow embodies Churchill in a way we haven't seen before, in what may prove to be a career-defining performance. Foy, meanwhile, will be looking to take home her second award after winning a Golden Globe this year. “刺客”,也就是第一季的第九集,讲述了温斯顿·邱吉尔(利思戈)宣布辞职,并为他的80岁生日准备了肖像画,而女王伊丽莎白(福伊)则与她的丈夫菲利普越来越疏远。特别是,利思戈用前所未有的方式演绎了邱吉尔,这也许可以说是他演艺生涯的巅峰之作了。与此同时,在赢得了今年的金球奖之后,福伊将期待着收获她的第二项大奖。 (编辑:何莹莹)

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